As the saying goes, if someone were to walk a day in your shoes, what would they be wearing? Two separate studies were done on this topic, with the goal of finding which types of shoes were most popular in every state in the country.

Allow us to walk you through the results below!

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Most Popular Sneakers in New York State: Nike Air Max 270s

A study done by the All-In-One-Bot found that, on average, the most popular sneakers in New York are the Nike Air Max 270s. The versatile shoe can be worn for a regular day on the town, but can also double as an athletic shoe used for running, playing basketball, and more.

Nike Air Max 270 Men's / eBay
Nike Air Max 270 Men's / eBay

The study also found that Air Jordan 1's are extremely popular among those of us in the Empire State. In addition to Air Max's and Jordan's, Veja Sneakers were also listed as an oft-worn brand in our state.

New Yorkers Prefer Wearing Sneakers Over Any Other Type of Shoe

If you feel as though you see a lot of people in your community wearing sneakers, that's not happening by mistake. A study done by Kuru Footwear determined that sneakers are the most popular style of shoe in New York, and that Empire State residents are wearing sneakers more than any other type of shoe around.

Jordan 1's / eBay
Jordan 1's / eBay

By comparison, the study found that platform shoes are the most popular style in 11 out of the 50 states in the union, with most of the states in the American southwest sporting that type of footwear most often. Styles that were also considered popular were cowboy boots (six states), slippers (six states) and flip-flops (five states).

Are you a sneakerhead, or are you rocking a different type of kicks on a day-to-day basis?

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