Never has a story about a stolen TV/VCR been so funny.  Jalen Rose will have you cracking up in this Grandland interview.

This story that Jalen Rose tells about stealing a TV/VCR that Patrick Ewing owned during their playing days had me cracking up.  No, I’m not an advocate for stealing things.  However, this story is pretty freakin funny.  Just sayin.

I love the animation too.  It really helps draw you in to what Jalen Rose is describing.  I have to assume that Patrick Ewing would get a laugh out of this story as well.  Whether Ewing gets a kick out of this story or not, the storytelling by Jalen Rose is second to none.  Everything from Patrick Ewing’s sweat habits, to the stolen TV/VCR, this video featuring Jalen Rose is extremely well done.

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