Oh the sky is falling. A crime has been committed. Blow the whole thing up. The BCS is awful! These are some of things the detractors of College Football's system will declare-and yet none of them will be true. In fact I will argue unlike any other sport the BCS which was set up to give football fans a true #1 vs #2 for a championship worked perfectly and gave us a regular season filled with drama and excitement and opportunity lost. What if Oklahoma State hadn't lost in Ames Iowa to Iowa State. What if Boise State Hadn't lost to TCU at home no less. What if Virginia Tech didn't lose to Clemson early in the season..What if what if what if.  BCS haters will say but but but -BUT Nothing! No computer decided the title game. No poll made the decision. Oh no it was decided on the Football field and we now get a true title game for all the marbles

A rematch is garbage you say--I say nonsense. The BCS let me remind you was designed to put the best 2 teams on the field to decide the best of the best. Oh what if Alabama wins you ask? Well if they win going away then the Crimson Tide would win the title. If it's another close ballgame like the 9-6 LSU win a few weeks back then I anticipate LSU will win the championship based on their entire body of work. Once again it has been proven that unlike all other sports-all great in their own way-that College Football's regular season is the most interesting because every game counts. Just ask Oklahoma St,Boise St,and Virginia Tech who will be contemplating the what if's of their losses