The Patriots and Tom Brady Hate Brigade was happy to come out in full force after New England fell on its face in a 42 - 27 season opening loss at home to the Chiefs. Brady was made to look every day of his 40 years on this planet on that Thursday night and the overreactions of his demise came pouring in. He was done. Father Time had finally caught up to the greatest quarterback to ever play the game. I wasn't convinced or even the slightest bit concerned. Three years ago, the Patriots got drilled on a Monday night in September against the Chiefs and Belichick, Brady & Co. never lost another game that season en route to a 4th Super Bowl ring. Maybe there's just something about Andy Reed and the Chiefs.

In Week 2, Brady showed himself more than capable of exploiting defenses still. The Saints made Sam Bradford look like an MVP candidate in Week 1, so you knew Brady went from licking his wounds to immediately licking his chops. Over the span of one quarter, 3 touchdowns came raining down on the New Orleans defense and 15 minutes into the game, it was over. The Patriots' over-the-hill, washed up QB went full cannonball into the fountain of youth, otherwise known as the Saints defense.

Were all the Patriots' problems solved on one Sunday? No. There are still issues along the offensive and defensive lines. And will anyone be able to successfully assume Julian Edelman's role? If there are one or two answers to those three questions, well, like Meatloaf said, that "ain't bad" and for my money, it'll be good enough.

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