UAlbany goalie Blaze Riorden made SportsCenter with his coast-to-coast goal last weekend against Cornell. Great Danes head coach Scott Marr didn't rule out the idea of a repeat occurrence happening against Notre Dame either.

"He’s going to be more active this week in clearing the ball for us," said Marr, with Armen and Levack, on Friday afternoon. "Notre dame does a really nice job of riding and putting pressure on our defenders when they clear. You might even see Blaze a little more out of the goal this week than last week.

"He’ll be active. I’m not going to predict that he’s going to go up and score. But he’ll be a part of our clear for sure."

A big factor in Marr's team being winning three straight America East titles is due to the coach allowing his players to be who they are and not be afraid of being aggressive or a little uncoventional.

When asked if he would ever instruct Riorden not to run freely across the field, Marr said, "No way, man!"

UAlbany takes on No. 1 Notre Dame at 3pm ET on Saturday afternoon.

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