Well Sittin' Sportside Sunday goes on even with no live sports happening and this week the NFL kept us occupied! On the show this week I discussed the Florida Derby, the logistics of MLB starting up again and what will the consequences be if there is no season. Also will there be a benefit to shortened season? Lastly I discussed the only event we currently have to look forward to, the NFL draft. What should the Jets do at 11? Is there something crazy the Bengals could do? And how about a QB no one is talking about going to New England? Listen below and follow me on Twitter @EricH1045 !

Florida Derby Reaction and When Will MLB Restart?

MLB Repurcussions on Season Possibilities

NFL Draft: Bengals Potential Crazy Move and if the Jets Don't Draft This I May Cry

NFL Draft: Perfect RB for Buffalo and a QB to NE Nobody is Talking About

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