The Philadelphia 76ers had the ping-pong balls bounce their way last night as they managed to win the 1st overall pick in the upcoming NBA Draft.

"The city has endured a lot over the past three seasons," 76ers head coach Brett Brown said after his team won the lottery. "I felt like we were doing the right things all along the way. We were never skipping steps. We put in good days. Our process was questioned. At times fair enough."

The 76ers had a 25 percent chance to win the lottery (not including the 1.9 percent chance they had if the Sacramento Kings won; the 76ers had the right to swap picks via a previous trade).

"I truly believed in what we were doing, and in many ways, I feel like we have been rewarded for the patience and perseverance, especially the city's perseverance," Brown said.

The 76ers have lost 199 games over the past three seasons and have had the best odds to win the first in two of those three years.

Here is the draft order for teams that were in the lottery:

1 - Philadelphia 76ers

2 - Los Angeles Lakers

3 - Boston Celtics

4 - Phoenix Suns

5 - Minnesota Timberwolves

6 - New Orleans Pelicans

7 - Denver Nuggets (from New York)

8 - Sacramento Kings

9 - Toronto Raptors (from Denver)

10 - Milwaukee Bucks

11 - Orlando Magic

12 - Utah Jazz

13 - Phoenix suns (from Washington)

14 - Chicago Bulls

Ben Simmons is likely to be the first overall pick with Brandon Ingram following. After those two, it's a considerable drop off to Jamal Murray and the rest of the prospects.

Who do you think will go first overall in the NBA Draft?

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