Thank goodness some Knick fans  aren't the GM of any of my teams-In any sport.

The question is real simple-If you are the Knicks GM would you deal Carmelo Anthony for Rajon Rondo. We are running a poll on my show facebook page-game on with bruce jacobs- and amazingly despite all the evidence the poll is not a landslide yes. Are you kidding me. Rondo for Melo in a moment!

Obviously this is a hypothetical of course but interesting to contemplate. The Celtics are getting old and need some scoring looking forward to next year. Melo is that and also still a young player at 29.

Think about this Knick fan- Rondo at the point. Lin at the 2. I don't care who is the 3. Amare at the power and Chandler at center. You wouldn't make that deal? I would drive Anthony to Boston personally and buy him a nice dinner on the way.

Rondo makes and creates HUGE plays on a consistant basis. Melo only shoots in big moments. Rondo has a ring and could get another this year. Melo has 2 playoff series wins and that's it to his ledger.

Rondo doesn't have to shoot but will and will do so  happily to help his team. Melo will play ISO ball and the heck with anyone else.

The bottom line is Anthony makes no one better. Rondo makes everyone better. He may not have the best shot in the NBA but he doesn't hog the shots if they aren't falling. Russell Westbrook he is not!

Rondo has won more playoff series then Anthony has played playoff games for NY. With all due respect to Melo this to me is a no contest.

Yet on our informal poll and even on the radio show- Game On With Bruce Jacobs heard on 104.5 The Team-ESPN radio many knick fans say they wouldn't do this deal. I will repeat I am glad for those that wouldn't that you aren't the GM of any of my teams.

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