As reported by 104.5 FM, The Team’s Rodger Wyland on Monday, the University at Albany will name a new men’s basketball coach this week. From everything I know, the fanbase should be pleased in the new direction of the program. Though much of UAlbany’s hoop success is focused on the Division I era, the Great Danes have a long history of winning on the hardwood.

Prior to Will Brown winning 315 games and taking the Great Danes to 5 NCAA tournaments, a true treasure to the University at Albany, Richard “Doc” Sauers, walked the sidelines at UAlbany from 1955 through 1997. He won 702 games and led UAlbany to 11 NCAA appearances in their Division II and Division III era. Doc Sauers is still among the top 40 winningest men’s basketball coaches in NCAA history.

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The new coach will have his work cut out for him. Two of his predecessors combined to win 1000+ games for the team once referred to as the “Pedagogues”, now the Great Danes. That is nothing but good news for someone looking to do something special. There is a long tradition of success to build upon.

The Great Danes successes in men’s basketball have certainly been celebrated. It will be fun to see if this program can begin to take the necessary steps to becoming a sustained mid-major powerhouse. I think that they will. I also think, just like his predecessors, the new coach should check in with the guy that posted those 702 victories. Doc is easy to find. Once things get back to normal, I’m sure he'll be working out everyday in the fitness center, just like he has since 1955.

I had a chance to catch up with Doc Sauers a few weeks back on Sunday Sports Buzz, here on 104.5 FM, The Team and the FREE 1045theteam app. Check out the link below to listen to the interview.

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