From what I've observed, if you're a celebrity, it can be hard to go out in public without getting noticed. That theory can apply to restaurants, stores, and even ballparks; it's always headline news when a "celebrity fan" is in-the-stands to root on their favorite team.

In the case of these ten celebrities, they were spotted at Citi Field, sporting their blue-and-orange gear, cheering on the New York Mets.

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Ten Celebrities Spotted Wearing New York Mets' Colors at a Ballgame

Given that the Mets and Yankees play their home games in New York City, it's not overly uncommon to see a celebrity fan attending a ballgame every now and then. We've seen plenty of celebrities sporting pinstripes while cheering on the Yankees, and we've also witnessed a number of celebrities sitting courtside at Madison Square Garden, rooting for the New York Knicks.

This time around, we took the train to Queens, and wanted to know which celebrities have been spotted cheering for the New York Mets.

Celebrities who go to Yankees' games, and those who go to Mets' games, are very different people to me. It makes sense why someone, who is famous, would want to go to Yankee Stadium. The "NY" crest is one of the most recognizable logos in the world, and it represents arguably the most famous sports franchise on Earth.

If you go to a Mets' game, however, you either love the team, or you love the game. Mets' fans are battle-tested, and will live-and-die with every pitch of every game that their team plays. In other words, their fans, celebrity or not, are built different, so to speak.

With that said, here are ten examples of celebrities who were spotted sporting New York Mets' colors. Which famous fan is your fan-favorite?

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