Who says athlete's don't have a sense of humor? The fact that they are able to put their serious #winning side out of the way for a few minutes sometimes produces priceless results.


A-Rod, Kobe Bryant, Michael Phelps, and Tony Hawk

Rock Band

This commercial was real funny the first time I saw it, now  notice how into it the guys seem to be and it’s kind of creepy.  It’s real hard to see guys you thought were these amazing tough guys rolling around in their underpants. But hey, it’s still good for a giggle.

Ryan Millar

Amp Energy Drink

One of a hand full of commercials that features a prominent hockey player being super ridicules. When you think of a “Yo mama” duel you don’t think of a couple hockey goalies going head to head. When he switches to Mandarin I was blown away.

Steve Nash

Vitamin Water

This was the first time we as a nation realized that Nash is one funny Mofo. The banana part still makes me pee a little when I see it. “I want two bananas” is an often quoted line between me and my friends.

Joe Mauer

MLB the Show 2010

I’ve never even been to Mexico is a great line. Well played Mauer is an even better line. The commercial is as funny as the game is good.

Ray Lewis

Old Spice

The Old Spice Commercials are hilarious by themselves, but start adding talking bears and explosions you have comedy gold. Ray Lewis may of killed a guy with a knife “allegedly” but I’m sure he is killing me with laughter with these commercials.

Brian Wilson

MLB 2k11

Are you kidding me, I would put this number one if I knew I wouldn’t look like a Wilson homer. “MY Beard is sweeter then the most perfect Honey” LMFAO.  He has great delivery and freaking hilarious banter. People say he is crazy, I say he is crazy good.

Troy Polamalu

Coke Zero

Troy has had a lot of great commercials in the past for shampoo and junk. But this parody of the classic Joe Green Spot is just amazing. Troy’s bad acting and child like delivery coupled with the real kid’s reactions are just hilarious.

Peyton manning


Cut that Meat, Cut that Meat. Peyton has had a lot of commercials in his day not all have been funny, and none have been funnier then this bad bear. When he says he won’t wash his hand after he high fives his favorite accountant I shot milk out of my nose. The crazy part there is I’m lactose intolerant and haven’t touched the stuff in 5 years…. I should probably call a doctor.

LeBron James, Kobe Bryant


Puppets! The commercial series has so many highlights it’s hard to choose just one. So I picked the first one I saw on Youtube.com. I love puppets its like the Muppet Show caved to Kobe’s will in a Colorado hotel room and it resulted in a bunch of funny puppets.

Tiger Woods


The most dominate athlete of the last decade doing a shot for shot remake of the best sports movie of all time. YES PLEASE. Tiger has to figure out what hole is the gophers hole, and if there is one thing Tiger is good at it is inspecting holes.  With classic lines and classic shots I never stopped laughing.

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