I am laughing at these pundits that have cast Albert Puljos into the old age retirement home yet not much on the C.J. Wilson signing. For me the Puljos signing is a steal for the Angels and the Wilson signing is a bad move. Let's start with the biggest weapon in the game that being Albert. Amazing how everyone knows he is going to break down and the contract will be a farce in x years...Really? Why is that? No ballplayer has  ever been productive past the age of 36..Really? Someone tell Nolan Ryan this or Derek Jeter or or I could keep going. Sure Puljos power may diminish a bit but it may not and serving as a DH will save his body some wear  and use. Artie Moreno for my money is the best owner in baseball and he knows that having Albert chase the biggest record in sports is worth the investment. The hispanic market is HUGE in So-cal and now Moreno has stolen a big piece of that from the cross town Dodgers. Remember what Manny the cheater Ramirez did for the Dodgers,well triple that if not more for Albert and the Angels..Albert plays hard every day unlike Manny..Albert does it clean unlike that cheating fraud Manny. Albert from all indications love his fans and supporters and isn't stand offish like Manny..Not even close. This is a tremendous move by the Angels...As Albert gets older and hopefully the HR record gets within reach from another dirt bag cheater named Barry Bonds the attention it will cause,the interest it will cause will pay for this contract alone. Add in that Albert wins,smiles,plays hard,is a good community guy and this move is a no brainer

However the Angels kept spending and foolishly signed lefty C.J Wilson to a hefty 5 year 77+million dollar deal...Now what is this all about? Sure Wilson will eat up innings but did anyone from the Angels organization watch him pitch in the post season? He  didn't win 1 game and he was the staff "ace". I don't think he even made it out of the 6th inning in any start. His bad fortune started game 1 vs Tampa when he got shellacked. The Angels already had Jared Weaver,Ervin Santana,Dan Heren,Joel Pinaro and Jerome Williams. There was no need for more pitching. I am not against stock piling pitching. Just look at the Red Sox who have a wealth of pitching but added more arms and needed them because of injuries but C.J Wilson for 77 mill? That's laughable..he is a 500 pitcher which I guess now can net you 15 million per year. Hey it's not my money. Angel fans will love Puljos a consumate professional and while Wilson is a good guy he is an average pitcher. For all the experts our there bemoaning the Puljos contract and his age Wilson is 31 and has a record of 43-35. His contract is the deal that should be hammered not the mega-deal signed by Puljos!