In The Comeback Coach, Jesse Braverman, the successful and
beloved baseball coach from La Salle Institute and Bethlehem Central, takes readers on an inspiring journey from his childhood playing in the sandlots of Queens
through forty years in baseball, athletics, and in the classroom as a respected special
education teacher.

The story of The Comeback Coach is the moving story of a young boy from
Queens, New York who learned the fundamentals of life and baseball from his
mentor, the legendary volunteer coach Joe Austin—who also counted the late
Governor Mario Cuomo amongst his kids—while helping his parents at their 5 and 10 candy store.

The story of The Comeback Coach is the exciting story of a star high school
pitcher who was turned down by his college varsity baseball team and instead turned to
acting as an outlet for his creative energies, while continuing to nurture his dream of
having a baseball program of his own.

The story of The Comeback Coach s the dramatic story of a dedicated teacher-coach who first made his mark at Bethlehem Central High School as a successful
coach of a plethora of women’s sports, before finally achieving his dream of having
his own varsity baseball team--only to have it taken from him because of an arcane
rule, crushing him.

The story of The Comeback Coach is the moving story of a devastated man who,
through a strange, tragic and ultimately inspiring set of circumstances was hired as
baseball coach at La Salle Institute of Troy, the eminent upstate Catholic school,
where he came back from the abyss, taking the La Salle baseball team, the Cadets, to
new heights, including an historic 27-game winning streak.

The story of The Comeback Coach is the inspiring story of an intense volunteer
coach, who, following the example of his childhood mentor, Joe Austin, devoted a
thousand off days to free baseball clinics and pickup games, before the supreme
honor of being inducted to the New York Baseball Hall of Fame in 2015 alongside
the late Austin himself.

Uplifting true story follows La Salle Institute and Bethlehem Central coaching legend Jesse Braverman from the sandlots of Queens through life-changing adversity and forty  years of championships that shaped the lives of thousands of kids

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