Tim Kurkjian has joined Big Board Sports during the baseball season every week thanks to Roland J Down's Service Experts and he was the perfect guy to wrap up the season. What did Tim think about the World Series and what are his thoughts about the offseason? Make sure to listen above!

RODGER'S QUICK TAKE: The winner of Sunday’s Bills-Patriots game in Buffalo, will give us a much better picture of who is going to win the AFC-East. And let’s not count out Miami, because they are much improved. If Buffalo beats New England, and I think they will, the Patriots are done with a 2-5 record. It’s hard to imagine the Patriots suffering its 4th straight loss, but if Cam Newton doesn’t play a whole lot better, they have no chance against the Bills. And without injured WR Julian Edelman, winning at Buffalo just got a whole lot tougher.

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