Yesterday UAlbany Athletics Director Mark Benson joined Levack and Goz days before the UAlbany football home opener against Monmouth. This Saturday, you can hear the entire UAlbany football game on our sister station, Rewind 1057. Other outlets have reported that the game between Syracuse and UAlbany football has already been scheduled for the future. Benson responded to the reports with this statement below. (9:13)

Goz: Maybe you can answer or maybe you can't but there have been hints that the UAlbany football program may be scheduling another Upstate New York program in the future in Syracuse. Is there any truth to that?


Levack: Uh Oh. Here we go.


Mark Benson: That. You know we like to play one FBS game a year. So of course we we had Buffalo last year, fortunate enough to win that. Old Dominion this year. 2018 we at Pittsburgh. 2019 we are at Western Michigan. So we are working on a game that would fit that description that you have just laid out there and hopefully I would love to be in a position to say yes absolutely  that you know is in our future.

What would a Syracuse-UAlbany football game mean for Upstate New York? Let us know below

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