UFC 196 is in turmoil now that Rafael Dos Anjos has backed out with a broken foot. So now the questions, who will fight Conor McGregor? Will McGregor still fight? Is this Pay Per View worthy without The Notorious Conor McGregor. We get all the answer from our UFC insider Richard Hunter!

When asked why Dos Anjos backed out here was Hunter's reply: “I’d love to say this type of thing never happens, but unfortunately, in the rough and tumble world of UFC where guys train as hard as they fight in the octagon, injuries do happen. What happened in this case was that UFC 196 on March 5th here in Vegas, it was the reigning featherweight champion Conor McGregor moving up from 145 pounds to challenge Rafael dos Anjos for his 155 pound lightweight title belt. He was going to attempt to become the first UFC fighter to hold two different champion belts in two different weight divisions simultaneously. Rafael broke his foot, it was announced yesterday that he would have top pull out of the fight. So with about eleven days to go to fight night, thre UFC had to find a replacement opponent for McGregor. So they started looking at lightweight contenders. Nate Diaz and Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone came to mind. The issue with replacing dos Anjos with these guys is would they be able to make the 155 pound limit in 11 days because as you know fighters usually walk around a few pounds heavier than they actually are when they strep on the scale. In Cerrones case, it would be no problem because he’s always in shape but he just fought last weekend at 170 pounds for the first time so he’s sitting at about 174 pounds. Nate Diaz ended up taking the fight but McGregor had to agree to fight him at 170 pounds because Diaz wasn’t sure if he could make 155. So what we end up having here is Conor McGregor moving up not one weight class, but two weight classes, and not 10 pounds, but 25 pounds to take on Nate Diaz in what I think is going to be a really exciting fight on March 5th.”