104.5 The Team listeners have been asking for more fantasy sports content this winter. Now 104.5 The Team.com and the FREE 104.5 The team app is providing that to you.

This week is the ninth edition and the Week 16 PLAYOFF episode of the "What The Fantasy" podcast (formerly known as the We Talk Fantasy Podcast). Hosted by CBS 6's Chet Davis, 104.5 The Team's Tom "Goz" Goslowski and fantasy insider Kyle Ray, this weekly podcast will help you win your fantasy football match ups each week.

This week we had the first gust in the history of the What The Fantasy podcast and that is current New York Yankees pitcher Tommy Kahnle. What is it like playing in the New York Yankees fantasy football league? Who has the best and worst teams? Plus how are his teams faring this season?

Find out how you can find your fantasy match up in Week 15 to clinch a berth in the title game below. The What The Fantasy Podcast will posted weekly exclusively on 1045Theteam.com and on the FREE 104.5 The Team app.

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