There are a few things Gang Green must do if they expect to beat Peyton and the Colts in Indy tomorrow.Here are the keys to a Jets' win at Indianapolis tomorrow.  The Jets must do a great job in these areas if they want to survive past Wild Card Weekend.

#1 - Take pressure off of Sanchez.  How do you do this?  Run the ball effectively.  Keep Peyton Manning off of the field by chewing up the clock and keeping the deficit (if there is one) manageable.  Don't put Mark Sanchez in a position where you need him to win the game for you.

#2 - Pass rush. The Jets need to put a lot of pressure on Peyton Manning.  The Jets' pass rush as been virtually non-existent this season.  Manning has looked like a different quarterback against teams who have put pressure on him.  He threw 11 interceptions in a three week span this season.  He's capable of getting rattled.

#3 - Stop the Colts' running game. The Colts haven't been able to run the ball effectively for most of the year, but their running game has been better at the end of the season.  Force Indy to be one-dimensional.  Peyton Manning is even more deadly than normal when the running game is working.  It opens up the Colts' play-action passing attack.

If the Jets do a good job in these three areas, they've got a great chance to pull an upset on the road.