This year's Super Bowl will be remembered as one of the most memorable in the game's fifty one year history. The New England Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 in the game's first ever overtime finish. The Patriots needed an historic twenty five point comeback to seal another Lombardi trophy. The previous largest comeback in Super Bowl history was just ten points.

For the non-football fans, the Super Bowl offers viewers a fresh batch of unique television commercials during the broadcast.  Since 1989, the USA Today has conducted an AD meter to find out consumer's opinions on the Super Bowl's newest commercials. Below is the commerical that was selected as the most popular among consumers this year.

This ad features Academy Award nominated actress Melissa McCarthy promoting Kia. Levack and I both enjoyed this commercial below featuring 2015 NFL MVP Cam Newton.

Below is the full list from the USA Today's AD Meter? What commercials do you enjoy most on Sunday? Let us know below.

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