Earlier this season, the UAlbany Great Danes lacrosse team were sitting atop weekly polls as the number one team in the country. Now after their second loss of the season, the Great Danes are barely hanging onto a spot in the top five. The Great Danes rank as the fifth team in the weekly rankings, following the 14-6 loss to Yale on Sunday. After their blow out win, Yale takes over the number one spot atop the poll. The Bulldogs from New Haven, received twenty two of a possible thirty first place votes. The complete weekly top 25 rankings are below. Is the #5 ranking for the Great Danes too high, too low, or just right? Let us know below.

1 Yale624 (22)11-25
2 Duke607 (9)12-23
3 Maryland557 (1)10-21
4 Denver54210-24
5 Albany50611-22
6 Cornell47310-36
7 Johns Hopkins4469-37
8 Loyola42810-38
9 Rutgers3829-410
10 Bucknell33711-312
11 Navy3109-414
12 Syracuse2577-59
13 Virginia24910-413
14 Penn State2358-511
15 Villanova1779-416
16 UMass1459-4NR
17 Georgetown1149-417
18 Notre Dame806-515
19 Ohio State777-6NR
20 Robert Morris7410-319


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