We are still ten days away from Super Bowl 47 kicking off in New Orleans, but there are some people who have already started to complain about how much coverage certain story-lines and "angles" are being covered by the media, local and national alike. As somebody who works in the media, I will openly admit that certain subject matters can become dry and run into the ground more than others, especially when everyone in the entire country is focusing on the biggest football game of the 2012-13 NFL season.

With that in mind, I have decided to approach three particular "angles" to Super Bowl 47 as neutral as possible, and allow you to decide which of the three you're sick of hearing about the most: the Harbaugh brothers, Colin Kaepernick and Ray Lewis' "delayed" retirement.

  1. The Harbaugh Brothers: Let's begin with the worst part regarding this particular story - if I hear one more person try renaming Super Bowl 47 as "The Harbowl," "The Super Baugh" or some other idiotic "whimsical" title, I am going to cause bodily harm to them. Also, the NFL is going to have Jim and John Harbaugh hold a joint press conference two days before the game. This sounds like a cool concept in theory, but think about this: could you ever imagine Bill Cowher sharing a press conference with Barry Switzer before Super Bowl 30? Or how about Bill Belichick and Tom Coughlin prior to either of their Super Bowl match-ups? Overall, it is a cool story to talk about, especially when you bring the parents into the mix. But as usual, the media and the NFL will turn a nice story-line into roadkill by the time we kick off on February 3.
  2. Colin Kaepernick: This is probably the least of my worries from our three nominees, but there are some people who believe things are getting a bit out of hand. All of a sudden, flexing your bicep and kissing it will be trademarked as "Kaepernicking;" Really?! Aside from that, there are a few different angles to consider from Kaepernick leading the 49ers to their sixth Super Bowl appearance, the team's first time back since defeating the San Diego Chargers in Super Bowl 29. Is he the starting quarterback of the future? If so, what does this mean for Alex Smith? Did Kaepernick's surpassing of Alex Smith on the depth chart set a poor example for how other teams should treat personnel with concussions? Can the introduction of "The Pistol" become a permanent fixture in the NFL? It is because of this wide variety of sub-plots to the Colin Kaepernick angle that I have little to no problem with him being in the spotlight.
  3. Ray Lewis' Eminent Retirement: This particular story-line has become either the most overdone or the most controversial of our three nominees. For starters, the pending retirement of Ray Lewis has been getting publicity ever since the Ravens' first game in the Wild Card round of the playoffs against the Colts, so it has gotten the most coverage throughout the month of January than our other two nominees. Also, this is the first time Baltimore has been back to the Super Bowl since they defeated the Giants in Super Bowl 35, when Ray Lewis was named MVP of the game. However, the bigger story from that Super Bowl has always been the controversy surrounding Lewis' role in a murder case, stemming from a party Lewis attended in Atlanta before the previous year's Super Bowl. There are many people who still believe Lewis took part in the fatal stabbings of two men at that party, even though Lewis had the murder charges dropped in exchange for his testimony against two other men in the case and a guilty plea to obstruction of justice (a misdemeanor). In my opinion, people need to get over themselves: 2001 called, they want their fake outcry back.

So there you have it - three cases made for why certain people are getting sick of hearing about the Harbaugh Brothers, Colin Kaepernick and Ray Lewis' eventual retirement. Which of these "angles" are you sick of hearing about the most? Vote in our poll below, and feel free to leave comments supporting your stance!

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