It's the almighty Game 7 in the NHL post-season, both ESPN's John Buccigross and New York Post's Marc Berman tell us which opponent would be more advantageous for the Rangers.

ESPN's John Buccigross, earlier today with Armen and Levack on 104.5 The Team:

"Maybe the Islanders. They seem to be a little bit beaten up right now. Ovechkin is so dangerous one-on-one and can be a real game changer. Braden Holtby has been very good in net.  You know they need to put some secret potion in them, maybe the Islanders, although they understand the rivalry and how difficult it will be to win there. But Washington has a really good crowd too. It's close to a coin flip, but I might think, maybe the Islanders."

New York Post's Mark Berman, who grew up on Long Island and has experienced this atmosphere at Nassau this series, has a more definite feeling:

"I don't think they [Rangers] want to go into the Coliseum.  I think they look at the Islanders as a dangerous team with nothing to lose.  I think it is less risky for them to play the Capitals.  The Ranger fans do get inside the Coliseum and try to limit the home ice advantage but this is the Coliseum's last stand."

The Capitals host the Islanders in Game 7 tonight at 7:30p.

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