The scenarios we have this weekend in the NFL is what it is all about. The Steelers, Ravens, Chargers, Raiders, Colts, 49ers and Saints all have opportunities to get into the playoffs with different levels of help needed. That's not even mentioning the seeding on the line from teams who already clinched! (Side note: The Patriots could be a WC team or have a BYE in the first round, that is how wild things have gotten). If the Steelers win and the Colts lose to the Jaguars, that is when things can really be crazy on Sunday Night Football. The Raiders and Chargers would then play for the last playoff spot in the AFC but there is a twist that would rock the sports world. If they tied, both teams would make it. That is a better scenario for both teams since if the game played out and whichever team loses, that team would be out. Above, Freddie Coleman tells us why that won't happen and more! Make sure to listen to that and to Sunday Night Football, 8pm this Sunday on 104.5 the TEAM!

The New York Knicks are not having a very good season so far, but  a win over the rival Boston Celtics, still goes in the books as a great win. It was a great win because RJ Barrett banked in a three point shot at the buzzer, and Knicks’ fans at MSG went wild. The Knicks against the Celtics, still holds a special meaning no matter the records might indicate. Can you imagine what the Garden will and look and sound like when New York becomes one of the best teams in the East? Unfortunately, they still have a long way to go before that happens. But for one night, MSG was the perfect place to be in New York.

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