We have been hearing about all the different scenarios when it comes to whether or not the Major League Baseball season will happen. There are some options out there and so much being thrown at the wall and trying to see what sticks. But what about minor league baseball which relies mainly on the fans? Jesse Rogers from ESPN Chicago who recently wrote an article about the minor league situation joined the show to discuss it all!

So how about the Tri-City ValleyCats? where do they fit into this whole situation? Jesse answers that question tremendously above as well as what MLB players think of the Arizona Quarantine League possibility that was thrown out there recently. If you ask me that seems like a legit option if we do not look at it as the end all be all. If MLB player can commit to a month while Major League Baseball looks for other scenarios as we all adapt to things post pandemic, then it is a good idea to get the league going as soon as possible. I understand that that is not a top priority in the grand scheme of things but it sure would be a welcome sight and something I feel we can all learn from: a true blue compromise!

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