This week's interview with ESPN MLB Insider Buster Olney might be my favorite conversation I've ever had with him. That's saying a lot considering I look forward to Thursday's at 3:15 pm EST all baseball season because Buster has amazing insight. This week not only did Buster provide great insight into the MLB but he also attempted to decipher Yankees manager Aaron Boone and previews an amazing interview with Freddie Freeman that'll air this Sunday.

The beauty of Aaron Boone formerly working for ESPN is Buster knows the Yankee manager pretty well. Buster wouldn't say he's fully confident that Boone has tipped his hand with anything he's said about the Aaron Judge injury but maybe it's what he's not saying. Buster says he believes that if everything was 100% okay with the 28 year-old outfielder, Boone would be shouting the good news to anyone who would listen. So don't panic about Judge Yankee fans but don't expect the best either. Listen to Buster Olney's full inter view below.

Buster also previewed his E60 interview with Atlanta Braves star Freddie Freeman which airs this Sunday 4/11/2021 on ESPN. Freeman has a wide open fully transparent conversation with Buster that if you listened to the interview above you can hear moved Buster. I originally waasn't sure if I would watch it but now I need to.

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