ESPN's Adam Schefter, in his own words, summed up the life of Frank Gifford, who passed away on Sunday at 84 years old.

"If you’re my dad’s age, you say that Frank Gifford was one of the greatest players you’ve ever seen and someone who was unbelievable," said Schefter, on 104.5 The Team. "If you’re my age, you remember him as an incredible and effective Monday Night Football play by play man.

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"Monday Night Football has been in existence since 1970. There have been four total play by play men in Monday Night Football History. One of them was Keith Jackson, Al Michaels, and now Mike Tirico.

"Frank Gifford, who was an NFL MVP, was able to make that transition and not just into the role as an analyst, as many players successfully do, but as a play by play man. Pat Summerall made that move as well. There aren’t many that make that move, at such a high move, to play by play. The fact that he did it as effectively and effortlessly, tells you how good he was.

"This is the All-American life. All-American at USC, first round pick, eight Pro Bowls, Hall of Fame, broadcaster, he was a play by pay man for 27 years. Who in the media gets to be 27 years any where, let alone at the top of the profession? Doing that, on top of the career he had, speaks to how legendary a life he led.

"He was probably the Giants first star player, the first face of the franchise, the first guy to put the organization on the map. That’s quite the accomplishment for a franchise as storied and as decorated as the New York Giants."

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