Blown away! Shocked! Amazed! Those are just a few thoughts on what has taken place in Cleveland Cavalier land. Cavs owner Dan Gilbert admitted, time and again and again that he should never have fired former coach Mike Brown, then gave him 20 millions dollars in "I am sorry money" and hired Brown back.

A little history. Brown is the most successful coach in Cav history. He took them to the playoffs 5 straight seasons, and as Gilbert himself said at the re-introductory news conference, only Phil Jackson and Brown himself can claim at least 5 years of experience and making the playoffs every year. That stat amazes me.

I always wondered the beef fans had with Brown, be they Laker fans or Cavalier fan. Brown was wrongly fired by Cleveland in 2010 and in classless fashion by the Lakers after just 6 games this year.

It always struck me as lame listening to Brown's critics. He never got credit for all those wins he piled up in Cleveland yet got the blame it seemed for every game they lost, mostly the playoff games. Perhaps he and Lebron James did have issues. it also looks like Gilbert, the loud owner of the Cavs got burnt twice, possibly both of his own fumbling.

Let me admit I am the furthest thing away from a coach killer. It always strikes me how ridiculous fans sound that after any loss the 1st thought is fire the coach, like they are Tuesdays trash. Some coaches deserve to be axed. Brown didn't either time he was. I know this, Brown won a ton of games in  Cleveland with Lebron and a bunch of "who", "who","who" guys. Brown won 66 games in 09-10 and yet after the Cavs got bounced by the Celtics he got whacked by Gilbert. In turn Lebron whacked Cleveland with " The Decision" that has changed the face of the NBA. I don't know what kind of compensation Brown was pulling then. I do know it took 20 million " Benjamins" to get him back. That and a multitude of Gilbert saying " I made a mistake letting Brown go" admissions makes a wrong a right in my opinion.

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