This afternoon on Levack and Goz the show was joined by former Albany arena football star "Touchdown" Eddie Brown. Eddie Brown is the father of current Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown. After one of the most violent games of the NFL season, Brown's father said this about the hits last night.

"It's Cincinnati vs. Pittsburgh. It's gonna always be violent. When Pittsburgh plays Baltimore next week, it's gonna be violent. It's the AFC North. It's violent in that conference. They hit you in your mouth; and it comes with that territory. I really don't get caught up in the violence, I just thank God every day that he (Antonio Brown) can go out there and do his best and walk off the field with a smile on his face and he's healthy, I just focus on that."

The Steelers were able to overcome a deficit to secure a 23-20 road win over their divisional foe Cincinnati.. What did you make of the hits last night on Monday Night Football? Plus click the video below to hear Eddie Brown's thoughts on Antonio Brown as league NFL MVP. Do you agree with "Touchdown" Eddie Brown's comments? Let us know below.

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