On a Sunday when they inducted the great Eli Manning into the Giants Hall of Fame, this years Giants team dropped to 0-3 on the season and solidified itself as one of the worst teams in the NFL.  Eli’s halftime ceremony was one of the very few moments Giants fans had to cheer about. Once again, too many mistakes, too many missed opportunities and a game the Giants had every chance to win. Giants aren’t a very good football team, and with more injuries to key players, it’s hard to make a case for it getting any better. Sal Paolantanio joined the show like he does every Monday morning and talked about what the Giants can do to salvage the season.

Sal also pointed this out this to us on the show: "You look at what happened yesterday, Mike Tomlin, Andy Reid and Bill Belichick all Hall of Fame coaches all lost at home this weekend. That is unprecedented in my time covering the NFL, I have never heard of anything like that." But with all that being said, the Bills may be the best team in the AFC now after the Chiefs lost. Josh Allen has turned himself around to put up back to back MVP type performances against the Dolphins and Washington Football Team respectively. They are kicking themselves because of the Steelers loss but they sure are on the right track in terms of fulfilling their Super Bowl aspirations. Sean McDermott beating his mentor Ron Rivers also is a storyline Sal made sure we did not miss!

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