Another year of the NCAA Tournament has brought on another round of complaining about the refs in college basketball.

"As a player, I can never get a gist of how the refs are going to be calling it because it’s not consistent," said ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Wiilliams, with Mike and Mike on 104.5 The Team ESPN Radio.

"It’s not throughout a six-month span. It goes on, off, and back on again. It’s horrible for the players because I can’t feel out the refs, I can’t do it.

"It’s horrible when you watch these games because first off, the games are way too long. Secondly, when you watch these games, I feel frustrated for them because there’s never a flow to the style of play."

Hall of famer Dick Vitale said it's well beyond time to quit the complaining.

"It will never, ever, ever change," said Vitale, with Armen and Levack. "You can go back 50-60 years and what's the one common complaint you’ll always hear, especially if your team loses, the referees.

"It’s so tough to blow that whistle. It’s getting tougher and tougher because of the pace of the game, the athletes, the size, the strength, the physicality – it’s tough. They call lots of fouls, there’s no question that they don’t want a lot of contact."

It's true that referee calls have been inconsistent throughout the tournament, but it's been inconsistent throughout the game. So here's to the Sweet Sixteen and beyond in this year's tourney ... and that the refs hang onto their whistle as much as they can.