Do you ever wonder why the simplest things always seem the hardest  for people. take the latest example. Major league Baseball has decided to move the Houston Astros to the American league-WHY? If this happens and it looks like it will we will have interleague play every day. Dumb idea MLB. Don't get me wrong I love interleague play but not every night as this realignment plan will do. Interleague is special because they do it for 1 weekend in May and like 2 weeks in June not every night. This new plan will take away it's special-ness. The other thing that is absurd is when they say moving the Astros sets up a 'natural rivalry" with Texas. Now that's true but I can make that case for many teams. the Mets,Dodgers,Cubs,Marlins,Cardinals to name just a few can be moved to the AL to set up a "natural rivalry" so saying this about the Astros is meaningless.

Now I do have the right solution-EXPAND..Yes the evil E word. the time is right if the markets can be found (hello Portland to name 1) You expand when the pitching is good and right now it's excellent. You don't expand when the pitching is lame but that's not a problem frankly without the roided ball players. Expand to 2 markets. Not only will this stop from having IL play every night but it brings in more revenue for the current owners and allows the game to grow in new markets. Portland for sure is ripe and perhaps Vegas although that would be dicey. No moving the  Astros is a bad idea. It will kill the unique-ness of IL play and doesn't grow the game. My plan preserves interleague and grows the game and revenue.

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