I am still stunned that Giants head coach Ben McAdoo would even consider Geno Smith as the heir apparent to Eli Manning. What is he thinking? Smith threw 36 INTs in 33 games as a starter for the Jets. His record was 12-18 and he fumbled 17 times and lost seven. What is to like about those numbers? I thought Smith would have trouble beating out Josh Johnson for the Giants backup job next season, but apparently not. Not after hearing some jaw dropping comments from McAdoo. Lets’ hope Eli isn’t retiring anytime soon.

Although Manning is a few years younger than Tom Brady, who just made the outlandish comment to Robert Kraft that he expects to play another 6-7 years, the same question needs to be asked about Eli and what do the Giants have planned for A.E.? (After Eli)

Geno Smith is a nice option as a backup in this league. He's experienced and is capable of filling in for a game or two, but for the length of a season? No chance.

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