The finish to Monday night's National Championship game between Villanova and North Carolina was certainly one for the ages.

Kris Jenkins' buzzer beater to give the Wildcats the win puts him up with some of the greatest when it comes to tournament buzzer beaters.

When we think of tournament buzzer beaters, we think of North Carolina State's Lorenzo Charles in 1983, Duke's Christian Leattner in 1992, and Valparaiso's Bryce Drew in 1998.

Now, we can put another name in that category. Kris Jenkins.

The play took place after North Carolina's Marcus Paige hit a buzzer beater of his own to tie the ballgame. With 4.7 seconds left, the Wildcats had to go the length of the floor to get off a decent shot at winning the game. Jenkins in-bounded the pass to teammate Ryan Arcidiacono who took the ball about 70 feet up the floor before shovel passing it back to the trailing Jenkins who hit the game winner.

Watch the shot HERE:

Jenkins' shot is one that will go down in infamy, but where do we rank it compared to others. Charles and Laettner hit two of the biggest buzzer beaters in basketball history.

So, where do we rank Jenkins' shot all-time among the greats?

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