Levack 0-3 (9 - 12 -1) WORST SPORTS WEEKEND EVER!!!!!
The New York Jets are hosting the Atlanta Falcons and the Jets are getting five points and the word is the weather will be terrible. Add all this together and I’m going to say something I never thought i would at the start of this season...I’M TAKING THE JETS!!! Todd Bowles has this team believing and the Falcons are still haunted by 3-28. Jets + 5!

I almost never take the Raiders in Fantasy Versus Reality...THAT STREAK ENDS NOW!!! The Raiders had a season defining win last Thursday against the Chiefs! The good times roll into Buffalo and Derek Carr makes Bills fans Shout in HORROR!!! Give me the resurgent Raiders + 2.5 in Buffalo.

The New England Patriots just lost Donte Hightower to a torn Pec muscle only a week after thier defense finally looked like their defense. I think Belichek keeps it rolling regardless of who’s on the field and the Patriots top the Chargers after they travel cross country for a butt whooping. Pat - 7
(Bonus Pick Tampa Bay - 1.5 over Carolina)

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