Major League Baseball is still locked out as the players and owners have made little to no progress regarding the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Here is my quick take on this issue from the Times Union:

When the NFL season ends, there are a large section of fans who gear up for the start of the Major League Baseball Season. Spring Training is supposed to begin this week, but it’s not because the owners and players can’t solve the many issues that need to be resolved. But it’s mostly because of money. Don’t expect the regular season to start on time either, which is absolutely ridiculous. The two sides should be meeting every day to figure it out, but they aren’t. Instead the NFL continues to win the headlines even in the off-season, and March Madness is right around the corner. If the MLB wants to know why attendance and TV ratings are down, it’s because they can’t get out of their own way and baseball fans are turned off by the whole mess.

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Below is the excellent conversation my producer Michael Johnson Jr. and I had with New York Post Baseball Columnist Ken Davidoff on Monday regarding the current situation in the MLB.

Ken discusses how the main issue surrounding this is the financial differences between both sides here.  Players and catchers did not report this week for the start of spring training which is a real shame.  Another key point Ken brings up is when he answered Michael's question regarding commissioner Rob Manfred's comments about being optimistic that the season will start on time.

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According to Ken, it is clear that Manfred's statements regarding the season starting on time don't match what is really going on as no progress has been made to come to an agreement.  Major League Baseball is struggling right now and I hope that they figure it all out very soon and we can have baseball start soon.

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