A 64-year old man with seemingly nothing better to do while at an AFC Championship game has been fined $500. According to a TMZ Sports report, Dwyan Morgan was charged with disturbing the peace for using a green laser pointer to distract Tom Brady during the fourth quarter of January's conference title game between the Patriots and Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium.

I'm not suggesting Morgan should have gone to jail (the charge he faced does carry jail time if convicted), but a $500 fine with the plea agreement doesn't exactly set a strong precedent to dissuade others from using similar tactics on athletes during a game. To the Chiefs' credit, the team has banned Morgan from any future games at Arrowhead.

Oh, and to no one's surprise, while the laser pointer may have been something of a distraction to Brady, it wasn't enough to stop him. The Patriots beat the Chiefs in overtime, 37-31.

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