Many thanks to Siena head basketball coach Mitch Buonaguro for joining GAME ON the past 3 weeks to give us insights and opinion on the NCAA Tournament. The coach took time out from his recruiting to spend a few minutes on the program the past 3 Wednesdays. He liked Kentucky from the start. I tried to talk him out of it. He wouldn't bite and even today he wouldn't budge.

The startling revelation from Coach B is that he is a Mets fan. Hey, so am I. We had a few laughs about how bad our Mets are going to be this year. Suffice to say, I  opined he won't be taking off any time from recruiting to watch a big Mets game, 'cause there won't be any big Mets games. I reminded him this team could be almost-not exactly-but almost as bad as the Mets of 1962 that still holds the record of most losses in 1 season of 120. They won 40 games that year.

The coach also gave us this nugget-he isn't a very good golfer. Just another thing I share with Coach Buonaguro :) Thanks again, Mitch, for your time and expertise!

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