Chances are you didn't know the name Lucky Whitehead before this summer started. As die hard of an NFL fan as you may be, the Cowboys wide receiver was far from a star and rarely, if ever, in a highlight on ESPN or NFL Network, but the story of how Whitehead was cut from the Cowboys has gained him a new level of notoriety.

After news broke on Monday that Whitehead missed his arraignment for allegedly shoplifting from a Wawa in Virginia, Dallas cut the 25-year old without too many questions asked according to Whitehead.

With some patience or, at worst, slight hesitation to overreact, the Cowboys could have saved themselves the embarrassment of wrongly dispatching a player who is completely innocent of this crime. On Tuesday, police released a statement saying that a man charged with shoplifting was not the Cowboys wide receiver and that it was instead a case of mistaken identity. Whitehead's agent even had flight records to prove his client wasn't in the state of Virginia at the time of the crime.

So, what recourse does an employee have? The Cowboys cited a pattern of behavior in justifying the move. Whitehead has since responded in an interview with the Dallas Morning News, "Let's not sugarcoat anything. I was pretty much being called a liar."

This is simply piling on to what was already a bizarre offseason for Whitehead. Perhaps the first time you heard his name was last week. That's when he announced on social media that his dog, Blitz, was kidnapped and being held for ransom. Whitehead's dog was later returned unharmed.

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