Chances are you've seen Texas Rangers pitcher Derek Holland do his impression of Harry Caray by now.  You probably haven't seen this though.

It should be noted that Texas Rangers pitcher Derek Holland was brilliant in Game 4 of the World Series.  He only gave up two hits and two walks while striking out seven in 8 1/3 innings.  The Cardinals scored 16 runs the evening before in Game 3 but were shutout in Game 4 thanks in large part to Holland.  Holland's performance was the best by any starting pitcher in the World Series.

However, there is more buzz surrounding Derek Holland's impression of Harry Caray.  Holland did an impression of the former Chicago Cubs broadcaster during Game 5 of the World Series (below).  Holland also did another impression of Harry Caray for a local Texas TV station following his stellar Game 4 performance (above).  Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster also does a mean Harry Caray impression.  Check it out below also.

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