Life is good right now and if the Mets can win 1 more game against the hated Yankees tonight life will be a bit better. Sporting life that is.

The Mets, who have been most horrible this year are taking out their frustrations on the hated Yankees and for this Met fan it is oooh so enjoyable.

The best part though is listening to whiny Yankee fan crying and throwing a hissy over the Queens boys making their Bronx hero's look pedestrian and worse. Oh the cries from Yankee fan is giving me great enjoyment. Let me run through the excuses used by Yankee fan I have heard the last couple of days.

1) "The games don't matter". Really Yankee fan? do they really not matter or because the  Mets are cleaning your clock they don't matter? Yeah that's the ticket. 1st time in subway series history the "games don't matter" if you listen to cry baby Yankee fan.

2) "It's only May"...Really Yankee fan so the game against the Red Sox or Orioles or Rays or anyone else the 1st 2 months didn't matter either? or is it just the games you lose don't matter but the one's you win do? yeah that's what i thought.

3) "Met fans have no reason to talk smack"...Really Yankee fan? cause the Mets are the red headed step child of New York baseball, and because we are 25 world titles away from the Yanks 27 we can't enjoy this epic beat down? wrong again whiny Yankee fan. This makes it even more enjoyable. We Met fans don't get to talk much cause let's face it what can we crow about-until now!!!!

4) "Shut up Met fan you are an idiot"....I already knew this. So? I love the late entry " We are injured."  Really Yankee fan cause you have been injured all year but now an excuse has popped up and that's it is is an excuse.

5) My favorite- "I am not listening to your show anymore."   My favorite. My show ( Game on with Bruce Jacobs) is based on entertainment and not hard core statistical breakdown. We have enough " Joe sports authority" robots in talk radio in my opinion. No thanks. BORING! Rather I like to poke, prod, needle, heckle, and talk smack. At myself, the teams I like, and especially the teams I don't. Don't like than don't listen. Nothing worse then a whiner!

Truth is despite not liking the yanks I like to think I am fair, unlike other teams I don't like and I am unfair.

Truth is Yankee fan can't handle little brother taking it to them. Yankee fan has this complex that they are entitled to go to the playoffs, that everyone should be in awe of them, and genuflect to them. No thanks! I was born a Met fan and Yankee hater and will die that way. Got a problem with that? That's your problem!

Yankee fan can't face the facts. They aren't that good. They aren't making the playoffs.They are old, have a thin farm system, a bloated payroll that ownership has vowed to thin, and their immediate future looks bleak.

I give Joe Girardi and Brian Cashman credit. It has been smoke and mirrors so far this year keeping them around 1st place. I have always thought and said Girardi is a terrific manager. Small minded Yankee fan, like many fans who bill themselves as hard core and intelligent are not at all. every loss is the mangers fault but no wins are to their credit. Blah!

However the fade of the 2013 Yankees is well underway and it is the Mets, the laughable, lowly Mets, the red headed Mets who are pushing them hard to that line and dang if I am not enjoying the heck out of it. Let's go Mets. Finish this sweep Thursday night and we can really crow for a few days while whiny Yankee fan can cry about these games no mattering or some other lame excuse!


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