Very little of what was revealed in an FBI investigation into the underbelly of recruiting in college basketball was surprising. Bribes, in many different forms, have almost always taken place to gain an advantage, both from a basketball and business standpoint. Coaches want to win and they are paid a lot of money to do so. Agents and financial advisers want to sign the biggest name athletes who sign the biggest contracts or at least have the greatest potential to do that.

What is surprising about this story is one, the FBI is involved, and two, a major sportswear company is as well. This is no longer a tired NCAA investigation with likely no real consequences for the individuals involved. This is hardly that. A hall of fame head coach, one of the winningest coaches of all time, is out at Louisville. And rightfully so. This is a third strike for Rick Pitino with the Cardinals program and as it turns out, is the final straw.

Brian Hamilton of The Fieldhouse (The Athletic) and the Big Ten Network breaks it all down for us.

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