Miguel Tejada is finding out real fast that a cheater gets no benefit of the doubt. Caught again using drugs that are illegal in baseball, the Kansas City shortstop has been banned for 105 games, the 3rd longest suspension due to drug usage.

Tejada failed a test for Amphetamines this time, claiming he failed a test for Adderall, a drug also used to combat ADD, which is what Tejada is claiming he used the  drug for. ADD stands for Attention Deficit Disorder.

Tejada has previously been suspended twice, once for steroids and lying to congress, and the other for HGH, which Tajada claims he purchased but never used and threw them away before using it.

Tejada claims the Adderall has been approved by baseball in the past, but that this time he didn't get approval for it's usage. Tejada said of being caught and using Adderall " I have been using it for the past 5 years and had medical permission from MLB. But my last permit expired on April 15th, and they didn't give me another. I knew that I was in risk of breaking the rules, but at the same time I could not stop using the drugs because I suffer from ADD. It's not a vise. It is a disease."

However at this time it should be noted that Tejada, despite his excuses, has not appealed the suspension. This also despite that his career could be over as he is 40 years old and without a contract for next season. The Royals are contenders for 1 of the Wild Card spots in the American league. Tejada's suspension, should he secure another contract for next season, will run into next year. Kansas City just put Tejada on the 60 day DL with an ankle injury so he was bound to miss the remainder of the regular season regardless.

The only other 2 suspensions that were longer then Tejada's current ban is the 211 games handed to Alex Rodriguez, for which he is appealing and the 119 games given to  Steve Howe for constant cocaine usage, back in 1992.

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