A couple of Arkansas fans put together a unique video trying to entice Jon Gruden to be the next head coach in Razorback-land.

I can’t make up my mind if these guys are cool or if they’re dorks.  I think they’re actually dorks that happened to do a cool thing.  Right?  I think that’s fairly accurate.  Anyway, these guys put together a great video trying to woo ex-NFL coach Jon Gruden over to Arkansas.

These guys actually have good musical ability.  The main singer on the right has got some pipes.  The video is funny and actually informative.  I didn’t know that the last title that Arkansas won was in 1964.  I guess that I have to brush up on my Razorback football.  I give this video a thumbs up.  The three guys really committed to it and pulled it off well.

We will have coverage of the LSU-Arkansas game this Friday at 2:30pm on 104.5 The Team.  I’m not sure you’ll hear any singing on “The Noe Show” before the game, but you can hear Brian Cady and Joe Bianchino filling in for me from 1-2:30pm leading up to LSU v Arkansas.  Have a great Thanksgiving and give us a listen over the weekend if you’re out and about.

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