Woodmans Luck did his impression of Mike Tyson when he tried to take a bite out of Romeo Royale's ear.

I've seen a lot of wild things when it comes to horse racing.  I've seen horses get spooked and start acting crazy.  I've seen jockeys get tossed from horses.  I've seen jockeys hold on for dear life while their spooked horse starts acting crazy while dragging the jockey down the race track.  Horse racing lends itself to some strange moments, but this is honestly the first time I can remember seeing one horse trying to go Mike Tyson on another horse during a race.

Woodmans Luck (aka Mike Tyson) tried to take a bite out of the ear of Romeo Royale (aka Evander Holyfield) during a race.  How about the laser focus of Romeo Royale to win the race while being bitten?  That's a horse on a mission right there.

If you're itching for some horse racing action, make sure you head out to the Saratoga Race Course.  I made it out last Sunday.  The track is always a great time.  I got to see a race from the rooftop with my co-worker, Joe B.  It was very cool stuff.  I can't guarantee that you'll see anything off the wall like horse-on-horse crime, but you'll definitely have a good time.  Head on up there before the season ends on Labor Day (Sept. 3). 

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