I was talking to a friend of mine this morning who happens to be a Mets' fan and he got me thinking, is the Home Run Derby Jinx real? We have guys on the show all the time that swear there's nothing to it but since I've never shy'd away from a good conspiracy theory or fun superstition I decided to dig a little bit deeper and right now I'd have to say I BELIEVE!!!

Ok so going into the All Star Break the eight contestants in the Home Run Derby had amassed 169 home runs as a group. Since returning from the break they have 7. So obviously this is a far smaller sample size but here's a better breakdown.

I've listed the guys from 1-8 based on their seeding in the Derby. Matt Chapman 1 HR(Last Night), Pete Alonso 0HR, Josh Bell 0HR, Alex Bregman 1 HR, Joc Pederson 1 HR(Last Night), Ronald Acuna Jr 2 HR, Carlos Santana 2 HR, Vlad Guerrero Jr 0 HR That's 7 HR’s total 4 of those from guys knocked out in the first round. So over a total of 132 at bats 8 of the top power hitters in baseball have SEVEN HOME RUNS. By the way ZERO of the 7 come from Champion Pete Alonso and runner up Vlad Guerrero JR. Meanwhile Brewers' Christian Yelich who backed out of the Derby has 2 HRs and 5 RBI's while hitting .381 in 21 at bats in the same time frame. Only time will tell but right now it seems like it might be better if a guy on your favorite team DIDN'T compete in the Derby.

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