Jason Pierre-Paul did not inform the Giants on the physical condition of his right hand for over two months. Could that be coming back to haunt him with the franchise possibly holding a grudge? 

“Absolutely,” said Schefter, to Armen and Levack, on 104.5 The Team. “[The Giants] could not get involved; they were kept in the dark for two months. They were not allowed to examine their franchise player, meet him, doing anything. I’m sure they’re not pleased about that."

The Giants veteran defensive lineman showed up to the facility on Monday, with hopes of getting a deal done, but Schefter and others reported on Tuesday that it could be weeks before that happens as Pierre-Paul believes he could play sooner than the G-Men do.

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“The bottom line is both sides are doing what they have to do to protect their own interests, it’s a business deal. JPP is trying to make the most money and the Giants are trying to make the best decision.

“Both sides are doing exactly what they should be doing and that leads to a dance that gets us nowhere, quick, which is not what Giants fans want to hear, but which is the reality of the situation.”

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