This video is extremely cool.  It showcases a series of identical plays by Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.  Watching old-school videos of Jordan is awesome to begin with.  Adding Kobe Bryant doing the exact same things as Jordan is spectacular.

How cool is this video?  Seriously, this is one of the coolest basketball videos I’ve ever seen.  When you really stop and think about it, Kobe Bryant’s style of play mirrors Michael Jordan’s style in many ways.  Both were great scorers.  Both were very explosive players off of the dribble throughout the first half of their careers.  Both were great defenders.  Both were relentless competitors.

Jordan better was slightly better in every category.  Jordan averaged 30.1 for his career while Kobe’s average is 25.1.  There is a reason why Michael Jordan’s nickname is “Air” Jordan; it wasn’t for his jump shot flying through the air.  It was because he flew through the air many, many times in explosive fashion throughout the first half of his career.  I give Jordan the edge as a defender and competitor as well.  Jordan would think about cutting off body parts to win.

The obvious category that Jordan still leads Kobe in is rings.  Jordan has six to Kobe’s five NBA championships.  That could change for Kobe with the additions of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash this summer.  The argument about who’s better is only going to intensify if Kobe is able to win another championship with the Los Angeles Lakers before he retires.

Below is some audio of me interviewing Kobe Bryant many moons ago.  I interviewed him in Fresno, CA following a preseason basketball game in 2008.  It was in a locker room, so I was using my inside/nearly-whispering voice.  The interview is below.

 Don’t forget to check out the New York Knicks host the Boston Celtics on Sunday, October 20th.  It’s a great chance to see a handful of NBA stars right here in Albany, NY at the Times Union Center. 

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