Giants have not been right since they fired Tom Coughlin. It’s been on bad hire after another, and Joe Judge is not the answer. Judge will survive because Co-Owner John Mara wants to break the pattern of firing his head coach every two years. But, the Giants are unwatchable and Judge is in way over his head. His postgame press conferences have become laughable. The Giants were once known as one of the most respected franchises in the NFL, unfortunately those days are long gone. Gary Myers joined the show and shared his opinion on all things Giants and more. Listen above and read an excerpt below!

"As far as Joe Judge, I'm getting tired of his speeches after the game...what a bunch of garbage. Back this stuff up with results. I can see how he got the job, the first time you hear him talk it sounds like he's got a plan...he learned from Belichick and Saban...but then you hear the same stuff for two years and he has won ten games or whatever and  you go well okay, what have you really learned if it is not showing up on the field. Listen, if I was the Giants there is no way I would keep this guy. He has not shown me one thing that would want me say this is our guy and things are going to get better but the Giants are gun-shy now after firing McAdoo after 28 games and Shurmur after 32 games and John Mara does not want to have a revolving door."

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