Not a bad week last week as we were a terrible Raiders performance away from going three and zero. However I'll take 2 - 1. The beauty of this week is three games on Thursday thanks the the Pilgrims. So here's my Thanksgiving day special Death Wish Coffee Locks.

Game 1) I'll take the Minnesota Vikings -3 at the Detroit Lions. I really like the Lions this year but I believe the Vikings are the total package right now and nothing travels like a solid defense and running game.

Game 2) It looks like the Los Angeles Chargers have found they're offense and the Dallas Cowboys are in a world of hurt right now. Give me the Chargers in a pick em game.

Game 3) The late game is an NFC South show down and I think 10 points are just too many. I'll take the points and Tampa Bay at the Atlanta Falcons.

Good Luck everyone!

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