Not a great Wild Card weekend for yours truly. 1-2-1 on the locks. So the season total is now 33-22-2. Not terrible but let's dive into the Divisional round with this weekend's Locks powered by Death Wish Coffee.

The Kansas City Chiefs have never won a Playoff game under head coach Andy Reid. I know the crowd at Arrowhead Stadium will be rocking but I think Andrew Luck and the Colts will feed off the energy just as much as the Chiefs. Look for Luck to remind Patrick Mahomes that he the best thing since sliced bread before Mahomes was. Colts + 5.5

This Rams team was built for the playoffs. Can the Rams get off to a fast enough start to render Zeke Elliot useless? That's the key to me. Put the game in Dak's hands and watch the Rams' Traffic Jam up front and No Fly Zone in the secondary force turnovers. Rams -7

Just like all great Empires the Patriots will fall one day....that day is Sunday! Phillip Rivers and the Chargers haven't lost outside of California and Rivers must want to beat Brady so bad he can taste it. Chargers + 4

The Saints have been shown what's on the line. Sean Payton showed the team $225,000 and the Lombardi trophy. "You want this win 3 bleeping games" I think they're the best team left and thankfully the public loves the Eagles so a spread that opened at -10 is now -8. I'll take the Saints to go marching over the Saints -8

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